Thursday, April 21, 2011

New season, new spaces.

The season started out with a bang this year. Our first project is a sizable renovation in Harlan, IA.  The logistics have been a bit sketchy, traveling an hour and fifteen minutes each way every day.  Not to mention the normal problems brought on by spring, mainly the weather.  We have been rained out for a good portion of the project to date.  Tear out went rather quickly, and we got the upper patio installed in a few days as well. Fortunately, our clients have been more than understanding, which is refreshing to say the least.

I set up a webcam so everyone could see our progress on the first, mostly to keep myself entertained between the fleeting moments I actually do physical work, answer questions from the crew, and running for parts.  Jose, who has been with my for about nine years, has not a clue that I am broadcasting his old carcass across the web. Not to mention the fact he is completely clueless about the whole internet thing to begin with.  Hell, if he were to figure it out, he would probably charge me a fee to put him on camera. But, it has really taken off quite unexpectedly.  The second day I had it up, I was fielding phone calls and texts all day......granted, a lot of them were from friends and family telling me my guys weren't working, or asking why my fat butt wasn't in the picture...ect.  But quite a few of them were vendors, past and perspective clients as well, which made it worthwhile. I am getting a new cam that the audience can control.  Not sure how it will work, but I am looking forward to playing with it.

Patti and I found out we were getting a decent tax refund this year. We went out yesterday and got her a new netbook, which will supposedly increase her "face time" with the family by not tethering her to her office desktop computer in the basement. Details of how that works out to follow....  Although I really wanted to spend it on a new enclosed trailer for our equipment, we decided it would be best spent on our basement since the kids are getting older and it is getting harder and harder to get away from one another in this house. (Not to mention the fact both Patti and I are looking forward to banishing them to the basement when we have had enough).

I spent the majority of last winter remodeling our basement with help from my pop. Put in a good sized bathroom with a shower, finished framing and drywalling the rest. Everything is pretty much done now except for the floors and trim.  (And my big screen plasma).  We picked out a nice Pergo-type faux wood flooring yesterday and are planning on ordering it before the end of the month.

Our eldest son Miller, who is a freshman this year is in dire need of personal space.  However, now having given him his own bathroom in the basement, we are realizing that, like in all homes, spiders like to hang out in basements.... and, Miller doesn't "do" spiders.  Yesterday evening, when he happened upon one before taking a shower, he darted back up the staircase announcing he was no longer going to be showering down there due to said arachnid population.  His sister, now a kindergartner, expressed her willingness to help him with the infestation by more or less calling him a sissy, taking his hand and leading him back downstairs to capture them for her own enjoyment. (Enjoyment meaning "loving them" until they are dismembered). Yea.  The thought of which, in turn, freaked Miller out more than the fact he had spiders in his bathroom.

So, yea, trying to get it all together this year.  Patti has put us on a "budget" so we can better get a handle on things after the whole four year court custody battle for Miller we went through (and won!).  So we are hoping to figure out where we are, and need to be financially this year. Hopefully, all said and done, Elements has a busy season, and we drag this show through another year of fun, family, and friends old and new.........Bring it.

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